Things to Keep in Mind When Downsizing

Baby boomers and others who have downsized from much larger homes can be faced with the limitations of smaller spaces. The challenge can be overwhelming but that need not be the case. Patience, imagination and effort can alleviate the “angst” in creating efficient use of space and design. Rooms can have multiple issues. For example, dining rooms, which in many cases are not used frequently, can feature built-in book cases, thus providing needed storage, a “library feel”, and a genuine feeling of warmth in the room. I might add that guests will enjoy the environment even more with this creative touch.

Designer closets often have the capability of improvising by selecting an area suited for a sewing machine, assorted crafts, and/or an ironing board. In the case of an area with a desk, consider mounting shelves on a side wall (if available) instead of on the wall in front of a desk, thus keeping the work area from feeling cramped or crowded.

While deciding how to make a smaller “great room” or living space comfortable, consider transparent furnishings. Glass tables are the perfect small-space hack because transparent tables blend into any tiny room without weighing it down; the room becomes light and airy. Complement this by incorporating green plants; this color has achieved a new level, being embraced by many. Bringing “the outside in” is a welcoming feature.

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